doTERRA Essential Oil Hair Care Recipes

11 of the Best DIY Hair Care Recipes (with Essential Oils)

Its super easy to make your own DIY hair care products and by incorporating essential oils into them you can add a heap of extra benefits.

If you are looking for some more natural alternatives for your hair products these DIYs are a perfect place to start.

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Best Essential Oils For Hair Care

There are many essential oils that can be beneficial for your hair and scalp. Here are some of the oils and how they can help.

Roman Chamomile – Promotes Youthful Hair

Lavender – Keeps hair and scalp clean, thick and healthy

Rosemary – Apply for an abundant looking head of hair

Sandalwood – Improves the overall look of hair, restores moisture and give hair a silky shine

Thyme – Promotes thick and healthy looking hair and a clean scalp

Jasmine – Nourishes and protects the skin and scalp

Ylang Ylang – Increases healthy, shiny hair

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – Keeps hair thick, clean and healthy




Essential Oil Hair Care Recipes

1.Hair Detangler

Using a detangling spray is a great way to smooth you hair and make i easier to brush. This DIY Hair Detangler contains essential oils, marshmallow root and apple cider vinegar which act as natural detanglers. The essential oils also have additional benefits to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Find the recipe HERE



2. DIY Hair Perfume

Hair perfume is a great way to smell essential oils trhoughout the day and receive the benefits of the oils you are using. You can switch up the essential oils used in this recipe to create your own aroma. RECIPE HERE



3. Hairspray

Making your own hair spray is so easy with just two ingredients. Customise with essential oils for added scent and nourishment. RECIPE HERE



4. Hair Wax

This easy DIY hair wax, made with essential oils, is healthy for the hair and can be enjoyed by all hair types. RECIPE HERE



5. Deep Hair Conditioner

This homemade deep hair conditioner is easy to make and will leave your hair soft, smooth, and chemical free. RECIPE HERE



6. Beach Waves Salt Spray

This salt spray is super easy and will help your hair get beach waves – without the sand and sunscreen.  RECIPE HERE



7. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great way of keeping your hair clean when travelling without having to wash your hair with water. Try out the recipe HERE.


8. Heat Protectant Spray

Shield your hair with this heat protectant spray. It is made with Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils and is easy to make, leaving your hair feeling full and healthy. RECIPE HERE



9. Geranium Hair Mask

This hair mask is super easy to make with only a few ingredients. You can check out the full recipe HERE.



10. Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Try out this easy hot oil hair treatment to make your hair shine. RECIPE HERE



11. Anti Frizz Spray

This natural DIY helps tame stubborn flyaways while nourishing hair at the same time. Check out the recipe HERE




11 hair care recipes with essential oils

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