15 Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

15 Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

15 Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender is a must have oil in our house, it has so many amazing qualities and can be used for so many different things.

One of the main uses are its relaxing and calming properties, but did you know it’s also great for skin, antibacterial and great for kids.

Take a look at 15 ways you can use them below.


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1. Room Spray

Room Sprays are great to have to make your house smell amazing, but when using essential oils they can also have some amazing therapeutic benefits. Try making your own rooms pray with Lavender and spray in your bedroom or on pillows and sheets before bed for a calming aroma and a good nights sleep.


2. Scented Bags

Want your clothes smelling nice whilst repelling bugs? Try making some lavender scented bags. These bags only require a few ingredients and are great for putting in closets and drawers.


3. Bug Bites

Mosquitoes seem to love my daughter, and not only are they super itchy but she can swell up where they have bitten her. We often use Lavender essential oil to calm the itch, redness and swelling. You can simply dilute 1-2 drops of lavender with some carrier oil and rub on the bite. Works super well! If you want to make a rollerball for on the go here is a recipe you can make!


4. Burns

Lavender is soothing on skin so it is perfect for burns. Try making this DIY Burn Salve to have on hand.

5. Diffuse

Pop a few drops in a diffuser at bedtime for a restful nights sleep

6. Add Lavender Oil to the Bath

Want to relax after a long day, or get the kids calm before bed? Then you can add some Lavender essential oil to the bath. Essential oils don’t mix with water very well so make sure you dilute it with fractionated coconut oil, castile soap or even just add to some bath wash.

7. Bath Bombs

There are so many wonderful oils you can add to bath bombs, but Lavender is a great one from calming and relaxation whether its for yourself after a hard day or some bath time fun for your kids before bed. Give this DIY a try.


8. Laundry

Add a drop or two with some white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your laundry to keep your laundry fresh and smelling lovely!


9. Calming Playdoh

Did you know you can add oils to your playdoh? Lavender is a great oil to add as its safe for kids and is calming for their emotions. Check out the recipe here


10. Diaper Cream

You can make your own diaper cream at home quite easily. Lavender is a great oil to add to the cream as its gentle for kids and it is soothing to the skin.


11. Add to your moisturiser

Add a drop or two to a simple moisturiser to sooth the skin or for a relaxing massage before bed. My kids love having their feet rubbed before they go to sleep. We love putting a drop of lavender in some moisturiser and rubbing into their feet to relax them before bed.

12. Cuticle Cream

Did you know lavender is good for your nails? You can simply add some Lavender to a rollerball and top with fractionated coconut oil and roll on when you need to, or make up your own cream that you can not only use on your cuticles but use as a moisturiser for your hands, lips etc.

13. Dryer Balls

Add a couple of drops to your dryer balls to make your clothes soft and smelling amazing! You can get dryer balls from Amazon.

14. Perfume

Did you know you can make your own perfumes with essential oils? I always struggled wearing perfume because all the synthetic fragrances would give me headaches. Natural perfumes not only smell great, but they are natural so not harmful chemicals on your body or in your nose. Try this DIY Lavender and Vanilla perfume to smell great during the day.


15. Bug Spray

Bugs don’t like Lavender so making your own bug spray is a great way to go! Try this recipe for a way to keep the bugs at bay.



Finding the best essential oils

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15 Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil


15 Everyday Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

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