16 uses for doterra frankincense essential oil

16 Uses for doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is known as the “King of Oils” mainly because it has such a huge variety of ways this oil can be used. Its amazing for skin, perfumes and helps balance mood. Below are some great ways you can use frankincense oil every day.

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1.Add to face lotion for skin.

Combine 2 drops of frankincense oil with your face moisturiser and massage into your skin

2. Diffuse

Add frankincense to your diffuser for overall wellness and to create feelings of positivity.

diffuser blend into the woods
diffuser blend into the woods

3. Room Spray

Make your own DIY Room Spray with frankincense essential oil to smell nice and help with relaxation.

frankincense holiday room spray

4. Dental Hygiene

Add it as part of your dental hygiene routine

5. Razor Relief Serum

Make a Razor Relief Serum for after you shave to soothe the skin.

doterra frankincense razor relief serum

6. Respiratory function

Combine with citrus oil or copaiba to aid respiratory function.

7. Clay facial mask

Try this DIY Clay facial mask with frankincense essential oil to help cleanse your skin.

doterra frankincense clay facial mask

8. Bath

Dilute with carrier oil, castile soap or body wash and add to the bath for relaxation and soothing.

9. Massage

use this in combination with a carrier oil or cream to provide a relaxing and soothing massage.

10. Fingernails

Massage into cuticles for healthy nails. You can also add some myrrh to help strengthen them.

11. Yoga

Diffuse for meditation and promote focus

yoga exercise stress doterra essential oils

12. Perfume

Create your own perfumes blends to wear during the day. You can create a rollerball, balm or spray.

13. After Sun Spray

Frankincense is great for the skin and combined with peppermint and lavender is great for after sun care. Try out this DIY recipe.

14. Use in post partum care

After birth apply one drop of frankincense essential oil mixed with a carrier oil to “anoint” the babies head after delivery.

15. Hand Lotion

Add 1-2 drops to your hand lotion to moisture, protect and soothe the skin.

16. Ouchie Spray

Frankincense combined with tea tree and lavender is great for cuts and scrapes. Make up your own spray or rollerball for those little accidents. Check out this recipe

doterra essential oils for bruises



16 uses for doterra frankincense essential oil

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