4 Reasons Why You Should Dilute Your Essential Oils

Why Should You Dilute Essential Oils?

There’s so much information floating around the web about essential oils and especially around the topic of dilution.

Here are some reasons below why you should always dilute your oils


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I don’t care what anyone says it is possible to have an adverse reaction to essential oils, no matter how pure they are. A lot of people think that if they get a better quality oil they wont get a reaction, but its just not true. These reactions may not happen on the first or second time of using but over time you could end up having a reaction to a oil. Make sure to always dilute for babies, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, those with sensitive skin, elderly and the immune compromised.

Many times people won’t have an adverse reaction but its always a good idea to minimise your risk!

You only need 1-2 drops of a good quality oil to service your body. Diluting with an oil gives you the sense of using more without wasting those precious drops!

More Effective
Essential oils are volatile compounds and evaporate quickly. This means that if you rub it on your body some of it will evaporate before it gets to be absorbed into your skin. When diluted more of the essential oil has been shown to pass through the skin and work more efficiently in the body then when it’s been used neat.

Carrier oils have awesome benefits
Did you know carrier oils have awesome benefits too? Yep that right! Fractionated coconut oil is high in antioxidants and vitamin E, jojoba is great for hair and oily skin and grapeseed oil is very moisturising. So, using them in combination with essential oils can give you even more awesome benefits!


There are also some oils that all companies say you shouldn’t use undiluted. Oils such as oregano and cinnamon are considered ‘hot’ oils and should be used with caution. With the hundreds of oils out there are you going to remember which ones require dilution and which ones don’t? I say save yourself the hassle and dilute them all! ? It will make it easier for you and give you all the other awesome benefits mentioned above.

Remember 1 drop neat or 1 drop in carrier oil is still one drop of oil that’s benefiting your body!


Should you dilute essential oils


Should you dilute essential oils

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