When you start your doTERRA business it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to start and what to do. I have created this list of resources for you to reference with everything you need to help you get started!

Some of the links on this website are affiliate links of which Steph Fortune receives a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

doTERRA Sites

doTERRA Official Website AU | US | CAN | UK

doTERRA Blog – Lots of recipes and DIYs here

doTERRA Business Blog – Information and ideas on building a business with doTERRA

doTERRA Science Blog – Lots of great science and research on doTERRA products and oils

doTERRA Youtube – Lots of videos on doTERRA oils, products, Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands.

doTERRA Webinars – The Empowered Life Series features a webinar on a different topic each month

doTERRA Living Magzines – Magazines with articles, information and products from doTERRA

Ebooks – eBooks on everything on using essential oils with kids, sleep, cooking, cleaning and more

doTERRA University – All about Living, Sharing & Building doTERRA

doTERRA Pinterest – Lots of diffuser blends, information and images from doTERRA

Daily Drop Emails & App – Essential oil info delivered to your phone or email

Source to you – Look up your oils batch number to see all the GC/MS testing reports and learn about how doterra sources and tests their oils.


doTERRA Facebook Groups & Pages

Lisa Zimmer Essential Oils Biz Tips – Great resources on building your business, especially through the use of her Trifolds, Handouts and Make & Take Classes

Jill Wiley – dT Resources & Graphics for business builders – Lots of great resource sharing in this group

Essential Oils Social Media Unicorns – Wellness Advocates – a group by Kat Abianac all about building doTERRA on social media

Steph Fortune – Essential Oils – My facebook page, your welcome to join!


doTERRA Images

doTERRA Instagram & doTERRA Spa Instagram -you can’t directly save or right click o these images, so you will need to screenshot them and crop them.

doTERRA High Res Images – Hi resolution oil and product images for you to use

doTERRA Website – There is a lot of images within this website, to easily find them go to google images and type in site:www.dottera.com this will then bring up all the images within the doterra website. you can even search for specific products and images.

Stock Images

Free Images:
Pixabay – This is one of my faves, heaps of images here great for social media and blog posts

Pexels – More images from lots of free sites collated into one website

UnSplash – Love some of these graphics, these images feel a lot more sophisticated. Not a lot of essential oil specific photos but great for instagram or blogs

Burst by Shopify – has a few essential oil photos as well as fitness, women, yoga and business ncategories

Paid Images:
Presenterra – Lots of doterra images you can buy individiually and in bundles

HungryJPEG (affiliate) – Lots of essential oil images here, and lots of great images for social media and blog posts.


Classes and Presentations

Class in a box – you can order handouts from your mydoterra back office

Presenterra – Not only do they have doTERRA images but they also have presentations you can purchase for classes

Essential Oil Academy (EOA) – Lots of classes available here to use as Facebook posts, courses or for webinars. They even have a few classes that are free!


doTERRA Education

doTERRA Science Blog – Lots of great science and research on doTERRA products and oils

Aromatic Science – Scientific research on essential oils

PubMed – You can search essential oils on the PubMed database to find all the research and articles published on them


doTERRA Supplies

There’s a few things you will need for your biz; business cards, sample bottles, supplies for make and take classes. Here some ideas for supplies you may need.

Rollerballs, Spray Bottles, sample vials etc – www.centaurpackaging.com.au or http://www.packmyproduct.com.au

Etsy is a great resource for rollers, bottles and vials as well as business cards and labels – you can check out my Etsy Shop Here for some labels for your make and take classes

Castile Soap/Salts/Bicarb etc – www.heirloombodycare.com.au

You can also get products from Aromatools or Amazon

Amazon Supplies:

Castile Soap – For making diy sprays, bath bombs etc

Fractionated Coconut Oil  – For diluting your oils and making rollerballs

Bi-Carb Soda – For DIYs, cleaning, bath bombs etc

Small Essential Oils Case ( 10 bottles) – Great for travelling with

Essential Oils Carry Case (104 Oils) – Great for storing your oil collection

doTERRA Sticker Tops – for the tops of your oils and samples

Oil Key Tools – For opening your bottles

10ml Clear Rollerballs – great for making your own rollers or for make and takes

Pump Spray Tops – To put on the top of your empty olis bottles to turn them into sprays.

1ml Sample Vials – For sampling people with the oils

Books & Apps

Modern Essentials Book – Lots of oils and ailment specific information

Modern Essentials App – Available on iTunes & Google Play

Essential Life Book – Lots of great recipes and DIYs as well as oil information

Essential Life App – Available on iTunes

Emotions & Essential Oils – All about emotional aromatherapy

Essential Oil Charts

Blend names – I have one here you can download for free!


Any other great resources you have found? Let me know below, I’d love to add them to the list!