doTERRA Blends Chart FREE Printable

doTERRA Blend Name Conversion Chart


Sometimes it can be a bit confusing when some of the names of the essential oil blends differ between countries or are called a generic name. How do you know which oil is which? I have listed out the blends below and have created a handy pdf printable so you easily determine what each blend is.

The reason there are different names between countries and also generic names is due to compliance within that country. People may also use the generic name of a blend if they are not authorised or certified to use the proprietary name.

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AromaTouch – Massage Blend

Balance – Grounding Blend

Breathe/Easy Air – Respiratory Blend

Citrus Bliss – Invigorating Blend

ClaryCalm – Women’s Monthly Blend

Deep Blue/ Ice Blue – Soothing Blend

DigestZen/ZenGest – Digestive Blend

Cheer – Uplifting Blend

Console – Comforting Blend

Elevation – Joyful Blend

Forgive – Renewing Blend

HD Clear – Topical Blend

Holiday Joy – Holiday Blend

Immortelle – Anti-Aging Blend

InTune – Focus Blend

Motivate – Encouraging Blend

OnGuard – Protective Blend

Passion – Inspiring Blend

PastTense – Tension Blend

Peace – Reassuring Blend

Purify – Cleansing Blend

Serenity/Lavender Peace – Restful Blend

Slim & Sassy/Smart & Sassy – Metabolic Blend

TerraShield/TerraArmour – Outdoor Blend

TriEase Softgels – Seasonal Blend

Whisper – Blend for Women

Zendocrine – Detoxification Blend




doTERRA Blends Chart FREE Printable


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