I LOVE rollerballs, they are super handy to take on the go with you or just have around the house for easy to reach solutions. What I don’t love is having a rollerball and not knowing what on earth is inside it! Its super important to label them all so you know whats in them, how to use them and who can use them.

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You can easily create rollerball by purchasing a roller bottle, putting your choice of essential oils inside and then topping with a carrier oil of your choice – I use fractionated coconut oil.

I have made it super easy for you by giving you some free labels you can print of at home and put on your bottles. These labels are blank so you can just write whatever blends you would like one them. Print on regular paper and cover with tape or you can print on full sheet label paper РI prefer waterproof label paper  Рand then cut them out. 

I have included two sizes in this download, one for 5ml rollerballs and one for 10ml rollerballs. If they’re still not the right size you can always trim them a little bit around the edges.

DOWNLOAD Printable Rollerball Labels Here

Want to make your own labels at home? Check out my post here.


FREE Printable Rollerball Labels_Essential Oil Labels | 5ml lables | 10ml labels