There’s nothing worse then purchasing your oils and then having them in your cupboard not being used. The biggest question people have once they’ve purchase is… what’s next? So I have compiled a list of all the resources you might want to get started on your journey.

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150 uses for the home essential kit. This pdf is a great one to save and keep handy for when you need some inspiration. It has the top 10 oils from the Home Essentials Kit with a bunch of different ways to use them. A great guide when you’re first starting out.
Books & Apps. It’s great to have resources available at your fingertips, especially when you have an ailment or an oil you want to look up. One of my favourite resources is the Modern Essentials App. Its available on iTunes and GooglePlay for a small fee but so worth downloading as it something you can take with you wherever you go. If you prefer a book then this app comes in a book as well which can be purchased from Aromatools (AUS, US, UK). A few other great books you may want to keep on hand are The Essential Life book (Available from OilLife) and The Essential Emotions book (Also available from Aromatools)

DIY Products & Packaging. You may want to be creative with your oils and make your own products for around the house. To do this you will need a few supplies, here’s where I get mine from…

Rollerballs, Spray Bottles etc – or

Castile Soap/Salts/Bicarb etc –

You can also get products from Aromatools or Amazon

Amazon Supplies (For US Customers):

Castile Soap – For making diy sprays, bath bombs etc

Fractionated Coconut Oil  – For diluting your oils and making rollerballs

Bi-Carb Soda – For DIYs, cleaning, bath bombs etc

Small Essential Oils Case ( 10 bottles) – Great for travelling with

doTERRA Sticker Tops – for the tops of your oils and samples

Oil Key Tools – For opening your bottles

10ml Clear Rollerballs – great for making your own rollers or for make and takes

Pump Spray Tops – To put on the top of your empty olis bottles to turn them into sprays.

1ml Sample Vials – For sampling people with the oils 

If you’re making up rollerballs you may want to have a dilution chart handy. Check out the one below.

eBooks & Resources from doTERRA. Doterra have heaps of FREE tools and resources available to support you, I have linked to some of them below.

Official Website – &

YouTube Channels – &

Pinterest –

Facebook Pages – &

eBooks –

Living Magazines – Quarterly magazines, they go back a few years so lots of good info here!

Webinars – Monthly Webinars on various topics

Empowered Sucess Library – All the tools you need if you are planning on earning commission with doTERRA

doTERRA University – All about Living, Sharing, Building with Resources

Science & Learning. Sometimes your inner geek wants to know a bit more about the science behind oils or maybe you want to further your knowledge on the topic. Below are some great free resources to do that. – All the essential oil research in one spot – go here to look up oils and see what has been published about them in the health community. – FREE introduction to essential oils course – Look up your oils batch number to see all the GC/MS testing reports and learn about how doterra sources and tests their oils.

Loyalty Rewards Program. As you go on your journey with doTERRA you may find you want to purchase more oils. This program basically rewards those who want to put in a small monthly order by giving us back points (known as pv) to spend on free oils. It a really generous program, no lock in contracts, no minimum spend and you can cancel at any time.

The great thing is doTERRA has a whole range of everyday household products you can purchase through them instead of the supermarket and by doing so earn your oils free! If you would like to learn more about how this program works then click here. If you would like to set up an LRP then you can find tutorials from doTERRA showing you how to here.

DISCLAIMER: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”