The Best Natural Homemade Scrubs + Printable Labels

Exfoliation is an important part of your beauty routine. It helps to remove remove dead skin cells and unclog pores helping your skin to look more fresh and healthy.

Its important to not exfoliate too often as doing so could result in your skin becoming dry or getting irritated.

So how often should you exfoliate? Well, that will vary person to person based on your skins tolerance level. For those that have sensitive skin you may need to do it less often then those that can tolerate a higher amount of exfoliation.

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These scrub recipes are a great way of gently exfoliating your skin without the use of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Plus they are super easy and cheap to make yourself.

Don’t forget these are natural DIYs with no preservatives them, which means they don’t have a long shelf life and need to be stored correctly. Its best to make up small batches at a time and if you live in a hot climate you may want to store in the fridge.


1. Coconut Salt Scrub

This coconut salt scrub will help exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.


1 cup organic virgin coconut oil
1 cup Pink Himalayan (or Epsom) salt
¼ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
15 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)


  1. Melt coconut oil in microwave or over double boiler.
  2. Once melted, remove from heat.
  3. Add Carrier Oil and Pink Himalayan Salt to melted coconut oil.
  4. Stir until combined.
  5. Add essential oil.
  6. Let sit until coconut oil solidifies, stirring every 10 minutes. Tip: Put in refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.
  7. Stir until well combined and store in an air-tight container.
  8. To use, rub on skin and rinse with warm water.


2. Ginger Lime Brown Sugar Scrub

Make this easy sugar scrub to help exfoliate and soften your skin. Use 1-2 times a week on hands, feet, legs, or arms. This also makes a great scrub to give as a gift. 
½ cup brown sugar
10 drops Lime oil
5 drops Ginger oil 
  1. Combine brown sugar, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and essential oil in bowl.
  2. Stir until well combined.
  3. Store in air-tight container.
  4. To use, apply a small amount to hands and scrub for 30 seconds, or until sugar dissolves. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.


3. Strawberry Lime Sugar Scrub

Love the smell of fruit? Try making a natural fruity skin care product without the artificial fragrances and chemicals that you get from store bought products.


1 cup freeze-dried strawberries
1 cup raw turbinado sugar
⅓ cup organic virgin coconut oil
⅓ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3 drops Lime oil


  1. In a large plastic bag, add strawberries and crush with a rolling pin.
  2. Add crushed strawberries and sugar into large bowl.
  3. In a microwavable glass cup, add the organic virgin coconut oil and place in microwave for 15 seconds or until melted.
  4. In the glass cup with melted virgin coconut oil, add Fractionated Coconut Oil, vanilla extract, and Lime essential oil. Stir until combined and add to bowl with strawberries and sugar.
  5. Stir until everything is combined. If mixture looks too dry, add 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil at a time until consistency is right.
  6. Store in airtight container.
  7. To us, take a handful of scrub into hands and rub together until sugar dissolves. Rinse under warm water and pat dry.


4. Almond Orange Scrub

This natural scrub will help eliminate dead skin cell buildup. The use of wild orange essential oil will help to invigorate your mood.

1 orange peel
  1. Add almonds, orange peel, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Wild Orange oil into a food processor and mix until ingredients are well combined.
  2. Store in an air-tight glass container and use 1–2 tablespoons as needed.
Note: Avoid contact with UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying citrus oils to the skin.

5. Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

This scrub makes an easy diy gift for the holidays. Enjoy the warming and spicy aroma of Cinnamon and Ginger together in this gingerbread scrub.

¾ cup packed dark brown sugar
½ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
5 drops Cinnamon Bark oil
5 drops Ginger oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon nutmeg
½ teaspoon allspice


  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until combined. 
  2. Store in an airtight container. 
  3. To use, massage over skin for 30 seconds or until sugar dissolves, then rinse with warm water and pat skin dry.


6. Green Tea Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Treat your skin to this revitalizing and moisturizing scrub using peppermint, green tea and matcha powder.



  1. In a large bowl, combine the sugar, matcha, and green tea leaves.
  2. Add coconut oil and Peppermint; mix well. Add more oil if you like your scrub to be more moisturizing.
  3. Store in an air-tight container for up to 1 month (2 months if refrigerated).


7. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Another great gift for the holidays or to rejuvente sore feet after a long day. This scrub takes only a few ingredients and can easily be customized with your favorite colors and essential oils.
12 drops Peppermint oil 
Skin safe food coloring (optional)
Tip: In place of white sugar, you could use sea salt. In place of Fractionated Coconut Oil you could use almond oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil. 
  1. Combine sugar and Fractionated Coconut Oil in bowl. 
  2. Divide mixture equally into two bowls. 
  3. In one bowl, add red skin safe food coloring. 
  4. Layer red and white scrub to create a ‘candy cane’ effect. 


8. Berry Cheer Sugar Scrub

It’s time to cheer up your skin with this berry scrub. After using this scrub, your skin is left smooth, glowing, and sweetly scented. 


¼ cup freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries 
¼ cup freeze-dried blueberries
1 cup white sugar 
¾ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
6 drops doTERRA Cheer®


  1. Place freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries in separate large plastic bags, and crush with a rolling pin.
  2. In three separate bowls, add ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup sugar, and ½ cup sugar.
  3. In bowls with ¼ cup sugar, add crushed freeze-dried strawberries to one and crushed freeze-dried blueberries to the other.
  4. In each bowl, add ¼ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil, and 2 drops doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend and stir until combined. If mixture looks too dry or wet, add more sugar or Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  5. In an airtight container, layer the sugar scrub in a red, white, and blue pattern.
  6. To use, take a handful of scrub into hands and rub together until sugar dissolves. Rinse under warm water and pat dry. For added softness, rub hands with doTERRA SPA Hand & Body Lotion


Want some labels for the recipes above? You can download these free printable labels below.


Simply print out on full sheet waterproof label paper, cut out and stick on your jars!



Its super easy to make your own scrubs at home. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family or for your own regular use.

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